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Bhante Sujatha is a Buddhist Monk.  His ambitious work and tireless dedication are not only the aspects of his character, but results of his practice.  No matter where Bhante would be, one can rest assured that he would be working.  Still, as a monk, and a single human being, there is only so much that Bhante can accomplish on his own.

We all know that in order to help others, to move about, and to simply survive requires resources.  This is an undeniable fact, and so to continue the work that he does, Bhante needs support.

This page presents a chance for you to offer that support.

It is true that much of what Bhante does is simply to create opportunities for people to give support where it is needed.  Because he has spent many years focusing of charitable efforts, Bhante is contacted by people all over the world everyday seeking some kind of support, hoping that he can find a way to help them.

Oftentimes many of us do not have the time or chances to find meaningful causes, or have the security to know that what we offer will go to its intended target.  Bhante Sujatha’s commitment, hard work, and vision have gained the trust of donors across the globe that participate in his work by contributing their time, expertise, and financial support.

Not surprisingly, the majority of those who support him, are individuals whom Bhante has helped; those who know him personally, and wish to invest in him, knowing that benefits of the return will be exponential.

There are lots of ways to help, and rather than ask for donations, we ask you to “get involved.”  To learn more about Bhante’s past work, please have a look at the “Love In Action” page.

To see what the future holds and learn how to “get involved”, check out the link below!

Get Involved