Indeed many hands make the task lighter.  For all the work that Bhante does he never forgets to appreciate those people who come together to make great things possible.

The purpose of this page is networking.  Our information technology allows us a chance to network and share ideas at the speed of our thoughts.  This page is a tribute to that ability in the hopes that our friends and partnerships will expand exponentially.  We hope that your blog, group, or organization can join in to this conversation to support the efforts of all humans practicing humanity.


  • Well, Happy, Peaceful

  • David Schmidt

    This Blog intended to share what I continue to learn as a student of the dhamma. I hope that it may in some small way be of benefit to you. I encourage each of you to share your thoughts and comments with me. And may you always be well, happy and peaceful. ~David “Nissarana”

  • Posts From The Path

  • Posts From The Path

    I love one thing the most.  I love moving people—  moving their thinking, their hearts, their minds, points of view, perspectives on nearly anything… everything.  On this path, I think the only real key to happiness is to, no matter what,  keep moving.