Love In Action

“What we learn from our meditation practice we have to bring in to our lives, such that life is our practice.”

Bhante Sujatha calls charitable or humanitarian work “Love In Action.”  The work is not about solving every problem on earth, but simply doing what you can, while you can, when your heart leads you to act.

Everyday in our lives we “give” something.  Therefore, giving becomes a part of our practice.  Our best intentions can go in the wrong direction.  For individuals who are motivated to practice generosity, they must be diligent to understand if they are motivated with right intention, and when a goal is undertaken, to work at it with right effort and mindfulness.

Bhante Sujatha has led programs, initiatives, and contribution efforts since his youth while training as a Buddhist monk.  He has a lifetime of experience in these efforts and earned the trust and respect of donors and philanthropists around the globe.

On this page you we present  just a few of Bhante’s social work programs from the past, present, and future. 

We love to hear your ideas! We hope that while you are visiting these pages that you will get some ideas to start something in your own community, decide to get involved in a program with Bhante, or suggest a great new project. To learn more about the work of our affiliates, check out our partnerships page.