It seems that Bhante Sujatha can be anywhere at anytime. Not long ago he was discussing with a good friend that he often finds himself thinking of events and students all over the world, but doesn’t always have an easy way to reach them. That friend suggested he put something down while having his morning coffee. Bhante asked us if we could create a space for him to share his daily thoughts in a quick and easy way.

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We wish you the very best of health and possibilities in the coming year.

May You Be Well, Happy, and Peaceful.

We loved the idea of bringing Bhante to everyone’s morning table and thus,

“Morning Coffee Wisdom With Bhante Sujatha” was created.  

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Go Gradually

The attainment of profound knowledge does not happen instantly. It develops through gradual training, gradual study, and gradual practice. 

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Greater than the kingdom that gains victory in countless battles for countless years, is a single individual who conquers them…

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