Traveling with Bhante

Bhante Sujatha is Theravada Buddhist Monk who knows Sri Lanka as his homeland.  He has been living and working in western society for more than 25 years and 10 years ago he established the Blue Lotus Buddhist Temple (BLBT) in Woodstock, Illinois.  Since its grassroots inception the BLBT and its Sangha has grown and expanded across the US. After years of sharing or renting spaces the BLBT opened the doors of their own temple in January 2012.

Over the last several years Bhante Sujatha has been making trips to his native country with groups of students who have asked him to share in their journeys to learn more about the country and its culture. What began as an obscure request from a small group has grown into a regular appeal. To accommodate these requests Bhante Sujatha now schedules an annual trip to visit his home and share its distinction.

Each trip has had its own unique feel, and the schedule is always evolving.  This year we are planning another exciting journey that will take us all over the country visiting to historical sites, Buddhist Temples, natural landscapes, and the urban setting.

In addition to exploration, the journey focuses on the spiritual practice by incorporating daily meditation, group discussion, service work, and direct interaction with local people.  Traveling with Bhante provides a special opportunity to personally experience Sri Lankan culture in a meaningful way not often encountered on short stays.

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